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About Us

Captn's Lounge Studio.
For High-Definition studio production, both video and photography, on a wide range of topics.

Captn's Lounge is a grassroots organization located in scenic Colorado, just north of Denver.

Our video models are created on a foundation of thought-provoking themes primarily aimed at actors, directors, theatre patrons, artists, musicians, and other diverse creatively inspired personalities; produced in studio-interview style, as well as on location. The general public will also be inspired by discussions and insights from the panels (political. actors. directors).

While social media platforms and the respective audiences have come to expect cell-phone and web-cam level material, Captn's Lounge offers big Wide Screen HD quality, while still being incredibly agile from conception to upload.

Capabilities include live-switching of up to six Sony HD cameras/media sources, green screen, live-streaming, camera crane, slider, modern LED lighting, up to a dozen wireless mics, wireless com system for crew, and a fully equipped green room..

Our core group of creative experts has over 100 years cumulative experience in video production, cinematography, scripting, interviewing, photography, radio and theatre performance.

Key Players.

Kirk Weilepp - Executive Producer and Director

T.G. Lewis - Professional Videographer, Executive Producer, Producer and Camera setup / operator

"Big" John Thone - Construction Wizard and Camera Operator

Nigel Aves - Host, Producer and Post Production Editing

Aldo Johnson - Camera Operator (and CLS photographer)

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