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All videos have been uploaded to YouTube in High Resolution (1080), so will work perfectly if you go to the full screen option when viewing.
The studio is very active in production, releasing shows like "Actors Take", "What a Director Needs", "Rational Alchemy" ....
You will also find video's that have been shot away from the studios.

Hosted by Greg Winkler.  TOM is a series of live-stage event performance presentations from the biggest and brightest in community theater. This series will be of interest to anyone involved in theatre/ film, from back stage to the front of the house.

TOM is filmed  with multi-camera technology at community theatres, large and small, from coast to coast.  TOM provides 21st century theatre education, for participants and audiences, on an amazing array of subjects pertaining to all aspects of theatre.

Theatre On Mondays will help the community experience the essence of performance.

If you have any interest at all in theatre, experience its essence:  Theatre on Mondays
Steve Carver, talks about the importance of sharing "theatre" information.
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The Character Lives
The author of "Carver's Manual on Community Theatre Directing",  James Carver, tells how to bring life and depth to any character, large or small, and make it truly memorable.
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Why We Share Theatre
Why We Share Theatre. Laura DeMoulin, a professional educator, reminds us of the need, and transformative power, of sharing the joy and imagination of community theatre for all ages.  If you teach theatre, from K-12 to the university level, you have to see this!
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The Art of Storytelling
Steve Carver, professional actor and director, reminds us of how the oldest art form known to man, storytelling, is alive and well, and indeed thriving, in community theatre today.
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Playing the Action
Professional actor and director Steve Carver hates bad theatre.  He tells us all how to avoid it as performers, and get something done every time we make an entrance.
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How to Increase Your Audience
Theatre On Monday's Larisa Netterlund tells how to raise attendance at community theatres by trusting your audience to embrace new material.
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