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All videos have been uploaded to YouTube in High Resolution, so should work perfectly if you go to the full screen option when viewing.

TG. Lewis is a Professional Videographer, you name it, he has probably filmed it. With the Captn's Lounge Studio, and his full set of tools for post production work in his basement, he produces the the highest quality video that is possible. It should be noted that videos in the "Miscellaneous" bucket are filmed as live events. Those filmed in a theatre are especially hard to film, not from a picture quality standpoint, but from an audio standpoint.

The Zozobra video was filmed and edited by  Nigel Aves (me!)
Zozobra aka Old Man Gloom
Santa Fe - Zozobra
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The wonderful benefits of being an AACT member!
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Separation Of Church and State
An Oxford-style debate over whether the United States Wall of Separation between Church and State has been eroded, and needs to be strengthened.
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ID Theft Prevention
Advice from Hazel Heckers, the Victims Advocate for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, on simple methods to help prevent ID theft.
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Playing Shakespeare
If you're cast in anything Shakespeare, this will improve your understanding and your approach.
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Why am I?
Why am I using this word now? What Shakespeare meant specifically by his word choices.
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Caesuras, end-stops, enjambments
Understanding the structure of Shakespearean dialogue.
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How to build energy and emotion within the scene through escalating conflict.
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L I S T S it's a build
An example of building tension within a Shakespearean scene.
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Performance of a scene from Shakespeare's As You Like It.
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Performance of a scene from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, with character notes time period observations.
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A scene from Shakespeare's Twelth Night, Act 1, scene 5,  with instructions on character backstories and development.
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Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors
A Taste 'O Shakespeare's Steam-Punk 2014 Performance of The Comedy of Errors, the FULL-LENGTH PLAY recorded at the Longmont Performing Arts Center, Colorado.
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